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 Toby Antony, ENS - KOCHI
17th September 2012 01:20 PM
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Forest officials beside the biggest teak tree reportedly found in Asia at Malayattoor Division, Thundathil Range, Ottakallan area  
The biggest teak tree in Asia has been discovered at Ottakallan area in Thundathil range of Malayattoor Forest Division.
The gigantic tree reportedly beats the record of the teak tree at Kappayam, Edamalayar, which was the biggest tree in Asia till now.
According to BN Nagaraj, Divisional Forest Officer, Malayatoor, the newly-discovered tree is estimated to be over 300 years old.“It was first noted by a man while cutting bamboo in the area. He reported it to forest officials and they took the measurement of the tree.
“It is located at Malayattoor Forest Division, Thundathil range, Repra portion, Ottakallan, in the bamboo forest. It has a girth of 7.65 metre and is about 40 metre tall. The tree in Kappayam has a diameter of 7.23 metre,” Nagaraj said.
On receiving the report, Nagaraj along with Jose Panicker, Range Officer, and R Madhusoodhanan, Forester, visited the area and confirmed it as the biggest teak tree of Asia.
Considering that there is no teak plantation in this area, the forest officials are clueless about the presence of such a huge teak tree in the bamboo forest.
The Forest Department will soon take measures to preserve the tree.
“We will conduct regular patrolling to preserve it from being cut down by timber smugglers,” Nagaraj said.

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